Clean Energy Leads to Lowers Costs for Consumers

A recent report by the Iowa Policy Project debunks the myth that higher levels of renewables leads to high electricity prices for consumers. Iowa has become a testing ground for what happens when you connect large amounts of renewables, in this case wind, to the electrical grid.

With over 36% of electricity generation coming from wind, Iowa leads the nation in the percentage of energy generated by wind and is second only to Texas in terms of installed capacity. Since 1999, Iowa has been taking advantage of their generous wind resources, this has lead to the state’s electricity prices declining slightly during this period. This contrasts with the rest of the country which has seen a slight increase in electricity prices. See the below comparison graph from the Iowa Policy Project.

Opponents of renewable energy often claim that the downside of more clean power is an increased cost for consumers. The data from Iowa shows that this is not the case. If anything, increasing levels of electricity generated from sources such as wind, which has no fuel costs, is a benefit to consumers.

Here in Idaho we have an incredible amount of sun, wind, hydro, and even geothermal resources. The development of these clean sources of power will not only provide jobs for Idahoan families but will also help stabilize our future electricity rates. Why should we be at the mercy of coal and natural gas prices dictating how much we pay for power when we can trust that the sun will rise and the wind will blow?

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