About Us

The Idaho Clean Energy Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy, energy efficiency and their associated technologies in the State of Idaho.

Our Board Members

Kevin King, President – Evengreen Technologies
Courtney White, Vice President – Boise State University
Ben Otto, Treasurer – Idaho Conservation League
Leif Elgethun – Retrolux
Elias Bishop – Auric Energy
Derek Jackson – Aurora Power

A message from our Board President:

Welcome to the Idaho Clean Energy Association (ICEA), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and advocating for clean energy right here in Idaho.  ICEA is dedicated to advancing Idaho’s independence and economy through growing our clean energy industry.  Plainly put, we think clean energy will continue to grow Idaho jobs, keep Idaho energy dollars in Idaho, and reduce our reliance on outside energy sources we can’t control.  The end result is better economic prosperity for all Idahoans.  We hope you join us in our effort to promote clean energy as the right choice for Idaho, today and tomorrow.  Please consider volunteering, signing up for our newsletter, becoming a member, or attending one of our events.  Your voice matters!


The Idaho Clean Energy Association is dedicated to advancing Idaho’s independence and economy through growing our clean energy industry.


ICEA is Idaho’s leading voice for policies and programs to promote Idaho’s clean energy resources in order to maintain reliable, affordable energy and grow our economy.

Our Goals:

  • Bring together clean energy businesses to network, collaborate, and advocate for policies and programs that grow our industry
  • Engage with Idaho’s policymakers to make clean energy the top priority of state energy policy
  • Provide Idaho’s clean energy industry with a consistent and clean voice in regulatory proceedings and policy making arenas
  • Educate Idaho’s citizens on the opportunities to use our energy resources efficiently and develop our own clean energy resources