ICEA Needs Your Help!!!

We’re working hard to oppose the Idaho Power Net Metering Proposal, and we need your help. A large part of our effectiveness, and cost savings to ICEA will come if we can avoid litigation and move straight towards workshop negotiation. The quickest way to get us there is to grow our membership and have our supporters engaged in the public process.

We need Letters to the Editor. Tell your story about how Idaho Power’s proposal is affecting your business, your customers, or your home. If you are willing to write a short LTE (letter to the editor), we will help edit, review and submit the letter on your behalf.  Just click here to email us and tell us your willingness.

We need comments on the PUC website. We need Net Metering supporters to go to the PUC website and leave public comments on Idaho Power’s proposal. The case number is IPC-E-12-27. The PUC Commissioners want to hear from you. Need help formulating your comments? Click here to email us, we’ll get you set up!

We need you to share our hard work. Please take the time to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, and subscribe to our blog. When you see a new post, click the share button to share on your own timeline. These social media tools spread the word far and wide at a minimal cost to ICEA.

We need you to become a member. We need to grow our membership base. We are a more credible force if we represent a large group. Also, fighting huge companies like Idaho Power takes money and human resources. Becoming a member helps leverage your resources with the other members to make it affordable and effective! Members receive exclusive information, events, and other perks that can grow your business.